Using its unique combination algorithms, the Coeus Signals Indicator generates optimum entry signals for trades in real-time.

Ideal for new and pro traders alike, the clear on-screen messages work on any global market, giving you an edge to consistently make a profit.

 Signals Indicator
Taking the Mystery Out of Trading
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●  The Complete Trading Solution. 


●  No need for multiple indicators on the screen.

●  Deconstructs raw price patterns to help you understand market behaviour.

●  Uses a unique combination of algorithms to generate optimum signals for trade entries based on a number of confluent factors and rules.

●  Analyses both real-time and historical price data to provide the most accurate signals.

●  Works on any product, market or tradable asset. Use the indicator on: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodity, Currency Pairs, Equities and more. 

●  Is optimized for the 2 Hour Intraday and Daily Timeframes which guarantee stronger signals and less noise. 


●  Removes the mystery of trading by incorporating an easy graphic interface that states clear trade actions for the user.


●  High accuracy rate  (85%+) per month.


●  Offers signal alert notification functionality for Email, App and Phone – Never miss a trade!

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Trade Cryptocurrency, Forex, CDF, Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Equities and Economic Data like a Pro.


“Amazing product! I'm using Coeus after seeing my friend making serious profit on his trades.”

Aizen Ocampo

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