Coues 2 in 1 is a smart trading indicator that guides and help both "New" and "Pro" traders to get much more clearer position or validation for their technical analysis. Users can trade 2 different time frames with 94% success rate in 2 hrs time frame and daily time frame. Access expires within 30 days

Coeus 2 in 1 - 30days

SKU: 30D0000000001
  • Coues Signal Indicator

    ●  Complete Trading Solution - No need for multiple indicators on the screen.

    ●  Coeus uses a custom combination of multiple industry standard indicators.

    ●  Uses unique algorithms to generate optimum signals for entries of trades based on a number of

    confluent factors and rules.

    ●  Analyses both real time and historical price data.

    ●  Is optimized for the 2 Hour Intraday and Daily Timeframes

    ●  Works on any product, market or tradable asset - cryptocurrency, stock, commodity, currency pairs,

    equities .

    ●  Incorporates an easy graphic interface that clearly signals trade actions for the user.

    ●  High accuracy rate (94%+) per month.

    ●  Offers signal alert notification functionality for Email, App or Phone – Never miss a trade

  • After receiving the payment via bank deposit or via USDT transfer, your subscription code will be sent via email.